How To Wash A BJJ Kimono

How To Wash A BJJ Kimono

How to wash a BJJ Kimono

Here some tips that can really help you

Are you a fan of Jujitsu? Here a smart guide for athletes and amateur.

Your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi needs a little more care and attention than a pair of fight shorts or sweat socks.

First of all,

Never use hot water. This will ruin your Gi.

Use always cold water. This can help to erase any trace of blood and stains. On the other hand, hot water set the stains deeply. Take a look at these steps:

  • Let the Gi dry naturally after class
  • Turn it upside down
  • Throw your Gi into the wash machine
  • Add 1 cup of vinegar
  • Use the Superwash Cycle
  • Use Good Detergent (no bleach)
  • Hang dry outside if possible

Wash your BJJ Gi right after Class

Washing your Kimono after class is a habit you should form for few reasons. Your Gi is usually wet with sweat and blood and hair grease and any other type of substance that can get on it. It’s not only because of odor and sanitary reasons, but leaving a gi unwashed will significantly reduce its life. You should be letting your gi dry naturally. This can take up to a day. If you plan on hitting the mats again the next day, washing it in the morning might not give you enough time for the gi to completely dry. Again, treat your gi like your best shirt. If you got something on your best shirt you would wash it right away. Same goes for your gi.

Wash you Belt every couple of weeks

There’s a superstition that if you don’t wash your belt you will acquire extra training and people will show you respect. Don’t be dummy and respect other athletes. Wash it every 2 weeks because your belt accumulates grunge. If you use any kind of protective gears, wash them together.

Can I wash blue gi with white gi?

Yes, just don’t do it with newer blue gi's. Wash them a few times on their own. After a few washes you are good to go. If possible, wash your gi without other clothes. This is considered a best practice in gi care. This ensures that no other clothing can bleed onto the gi and also that the gi is getting the best wash possible.

What to do with a new BJJ kimono?

Many people report that a new colored kimono will stay brighter for longer if you wash it in vinegar first. Add one cup vinegar and no detergent to the first wash, hang to dry.