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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

  1. What do I need to register?

    Registering is very simple. You will need to send us your personal data, VAT number or personal tax code or your activity; specify if you have a store, an academy or manage a course and attach the relevant IBAN.

  2. How can I make money?

    Gorila Fightwear offers a commission on every sale procured by the customer / gym. Once the subscription is complete, we will provide you with a unique link that will identify your account. You are free to publish this link wherever you want. Each user who arrives on the site through your link will be tracked and, in the event of sale, a commission will pay you.

  3. Can I watch the reports?

    Yes, for the affiliates we have provided a control panel through which it will be possible to monitor every commission accrued. The credit can be sent by bank transfer or can be used to purchase Gorila products with discounts reserved for merchants.

  4. How can I download accrued commissions?

    You can download the commissions accrued after 30 days from the purchase of the product by bank transfer on the previously announced IBAN.

  5. Do I need a programmer? Do we need specific skills?

    You do not need to be a webmaster or developer to take advantage of our tools. Just copy and paste the link-affiliates wherever you want.

  6. Can I share this link on my Facebook and Twitter profiles?

    Absolutely yes.

  7. What are the percentages on each sale?

    For each sale you will earn ...% for kimonos (adult kimono and children) and ...% for equipment (belts, glove, etc.).